Monday, September 05, 2005



I'm not ready to make a big post dissecting the Hurricane yet. Rest assure there will be one in the near future. So much has gone on with this, and there is new info coming out all the time. The long and short of it is that the American government has failed it's citizens in their time of need. In the mean time here's some thoughts from the drummer of Anthrax i just find this interesting. These are probably the emotions that a lot of people have right now

There cannot be an American out there that feels good right now. I know my voice means Shit, in fact...the way I feel right now, nobody's voice means a thing. Is Louisiana in America?? It doesn't look like it to me. These Politicians are so concerned with making sure they pat themselves on the back and say "congressman so and so did such a great job," WHAT?? I'm sure you are watching what I have been watching, who the hell is doing A GREAT JOB? I was so Happy to see CNN's Anderson Cooper become Human and let his emotions come out and be REAL!

Our Prez does not have the capability to handle these type of things, please don't Jump all over me for saying this... I truly believe it. I just don't "feel it" with him.

What took so long? Why did the Prez on the 2nd day of this Tragedy fly to San Diego and Not to Louisiana? Why so late to act on this? WHY WHY WHY?

We will never get an answer! Think about it? Even if you are a Bush supporter... think for a second... oh, I bet you have some answer if you're a Bush supporter - never mind.

These people are taking any means necessary down there... I would do the same. If your kids, your girl, your mom were dying and needed water or food, what would you do??

We all will pay for this too. Watch how our insurance goes up and GAS will go up more. Why don't they take the tax off of the gas price? People need to get to work, how can they afford to fill their tanks? It cost $52.00 to fill my tank today, and it wasn't even filled up, hahahahaha... I gotta laugh.

Make me a Hybrid that has some style for God's sake!

I am so sorry for what has happened to you people down there my heart and my donation has gone out to you.

I am emotional and venting. Links to donate on the home page. Thanks for reading.

Embarrassed and Sad,
Charlie B

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