Sunday, September 11, 2005


Books of the Month

The books I have chosen for the month of September are Less than Zero by Brett Easton Ellis and God's Politics by Jim Wails.

Less than Zero is one of my favorite novels. It's not directly political, but it deals with social issues of wealth and excess in society. The novel takes us into the lives of a a group of wealthy college students coming home for winter break. We see the moral atrophy of their lives. The book shows how unfulfilling a life of extream decadance can be.

God's Politics has made more sense than most any other book that I have read recently. The author talks about how the religious right has misappropriated the teachings of the bible. He calls for a public discourse on religion and the bible, but it should't be framed in the terms that the religious right has used. He argues that issues of war, poverty, wealth, and empire are far more deserving of attention than abortion and gay marriage.

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