Thursday, August 11, 2005


"Highly Likely"

I'm ready to start posting regurally on here again. Thanks to everyone that has expressed concern for me and my family. Now lets get cracking!

Bob Woodward is a very smart man, and he seems to think that Dick Cheney will be the republican candidate in 2008. he is basing this on the republican party's tradition of turning to the old veterans especially when times in our nation are looking rough (Nixon in 68, Reagon in 80). It's not clear if Woodward is basing this off of his own intuitions or is he has some inside information. Either way i think this is something to be aware of and consider, and I don't thin either source for this would diminish it's possibility.

Personally I would welcome the fight against Dick Chenney. I beleive it isn't just one that we could win, but one that we could really womp the sombitch in. Americans are not happy with the Bush Administration right now. The presidents approval ratings are right around 40-42% and I doubt they'll get much higher anytime soon. Things both here and in Iraq will probably get a good deal worse before they get better, and people are getting frusterated with that. The near success of Paul Hacket in the most conservative CD in Ohio is an example of that. A lot of people voted for Bush because of his charm and appeal. These are attributes that Dick Chenney does not possess. I know of plenty of Bush voters that have issues with Dick Cheney and really do not trust him. I think this would be the prime candidate for a progessive democrat, ideally Brian Schweitzer to stomp all over and bring back our nation.

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