Monday, August 01, 2005



To the surprise of next to no one President Bush has installed John Bolton as our envoy to the United Nations using a recess appointment. He will be there for little over a year, until jan. 2007. This is perfectly demonstrative of the way that this administration does business. The would rather take a partisan win instead of working with people. They would rather stick it to the other side just to prove they can instead of working with both parties to find someone more acceptable.

I do not believe that John Bolton will be a verry good envoy nor do I beleive that he will be a very successful one. First off John Bolton is a bad person. He intimidates anyone that disagrees with him, has no problem with dishonest, and treats women horribly. I don't believe that this will translae well into him having much influence or respect at the UN. Also I think that the mannor in which he was sent to the UN will keep a lot of people there from taking him very seriously. He is coming in as damaged goods, and that will make a difference in global diplomacy.

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