Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Labor Split

The big news yesterday was that the teamsters and the service workers unions were both leaving the AFL-CIO. I think that in the long run this will be a political benefit for union members. The main political stratagy of the AFL-CIO has been to throw money at democratic candidates and hope for the best. It's becoming clear that just throwing money at an election doesn't have the same effect that it once did in terms of success. Keep in mind, we outspent Bush in Ohio by millions and millions and look where it got us. The plan for this new union coallition is to try and emphasize new member recruitment. I believe this will prove to be a far more effective way of labor pushing their adgenda. Over the past couple decades union membership has been plummeting. Union membership has been the most likely indicator of whether someone will vote democrat or not. I think the populist approach of recruiting more and more people to be active will be the way that will prove successful with unions and other grass roots organizations. It's nice that people in power finally get this.

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