Saturday, July 02, 2005


Great ideas from unlikely places

Thanks to Bush's energy policy towards increasing production without giving consideration to conservation and alternative fules, the state of Wyoming has found itself possessing a much larger than expected ammount of state income (at the expense of ranchers and rural residents). Instead of using the money for tax cuts, the governor is launching a campain to use this unexpected revenue for helping out the poor of his state. I think it is great that more and more, especially on a state level, people are turning their attention to the poor. The problem is poverty is one that we are choosing to ignore. We have the ability at this time far better than any other in our plannet's history to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry or dies from completly preventable ailments. I'm going to keep watching this issue. A conservative state like Wyoming is not a place where I expected this to happen. If the governor can win on this issue, it could serve as a model to the rest of the country for how to Win.

Wyoming should take advantage of the mineral boom to enhance the lives of the state's working poor, Gov. Dave Freudenthal and first lady Nancy Freudenthal said Thursday evening during a televised town hall-style meeting.

"This state has an immense amount of working poor," the governor said, adding that the unemployment rate is low because many people are working multiple jobs - often for employers who cannot afford health insurance for those workers.

"We need to talk about the working poor, the people whose opportunity to move up is going to be dependent on changing their skills and on changing the mix of jobs that are available in the state for them."

The chief executive and his wife were part of a forum at the Riverton library shown on Wyoming Public Television.

Freudenthal said his administration is encouraging the Wyoming Business Council to attract not just any jobs but ones that pay above the average wage in each county.

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