Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Good News and Really Good News

First off my new laptop finally arrived today. Those that remember me from my previous blog all remember the story, but for all the newbies here's what happened. A couple days before UMM's finals week began, I somehow managed to destroy my laptop's screen by putting a large crack down the entire length of it. This caused two major problems first, I had all essay finals, and secondly it led to a drastic reduction in what I was posting on my blog. I eventually have been able to work up to being close to the level of where I was back when I had a functional laptop by using my family's computer, but now I should be posting with even more regularity.

And now the Really good news. Ender, who is the volunteer tech. Support assistant for this site since Dave and I are fairly incompetent is now engaged. Congradts dude!

Thanks Chris!

I'd also like to clarify that there is no mystery as to how you "somehow managed" to destroy your screen. If I remember correctly, you sandwiched a few folders and maybe even a spiral notebook in between your keyboard and screen, closed the lid, and walked around for awhile. The only thing you should ever put in a closed laptop is a soft cloth to keep finger oil off the screen, and even that isn't always advisable as many laptops vent heat through the keyboard.

Take care of this new one, for my sake if nothing else!
Chris- you never told us this.

The tech guy I spoke to at best buy said that probably wasn't what caused it (and for the record there was 1 folder and no spiral notebook) So as far as I am concerned it somehow managed to break. Also Ryan is already plotting your bachelor party so be prepared
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