Tuesday, June 28, 2005


maybe the religious right should put it up in bars

A recent servey has shown us that only 10% percent of americans can name more than 4 of the 10 commandments.

WASHINGTON, DC—On the heels of a Supreme Court ruling that bars public buildings from erecting massive tributes to the stone tablets handed down to Moses by God, a new poll has found that few Americans are familiar with more than four of the Ten Commandments.

That finding comes at a time when support for the Ten Commandments is at an all time high, with an estimated 32% of Americans regularly calling into talk radio shows, writing letters to the editor or hectoring family and friends about the importance of the Ten Commandments—despite not knowing what most of them are.

so people harp on Christians, all the while not even really knowing what they are about.
Ignorance sucks.
But hey, thats why we live and learn, right?
The survey shows that many people who claim to be Christians really are not familiar with their own religion. It certainly implies that we would probably all be much better off if people would spent more time practicing and discovering their faith and less time trying to force it on the rest of society.
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